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Front of Park

Front of ParkIn 2006 we received a grant from Manchester Airport, this enabled us to redesign and plant the bed bordering the primary school.

After years of flooding at the front of the park, in conjunction with the Safe Routes to School Programme, Stockport MBC replaced and repaired all the drainage systems, repaved and installed lighting, creating a much safer, useable and easier access through Romiley Park.

A further successful grant to Manchester Airport was submitted November 2009 which has enable the group to replant the large circle bed. A design was completed by Stockport MBC Parks and Leisure Department and subsequently planted by the Friends in May 2010. Unfortunately, due to a harsh winter of prolonged snow and frost we have lost a large number of plants and the Friends are in the process of assessing the damage and planning additional purchases.

The Friends have also purchased a number of new trees for the park, including a living Christmas Tree and Cherry tree for the front of the park and three popular trees along The Avenue, along side the school border.

Spring 2011 saw Stockport MBC Parks and Leisure redesign and plant the bed along side the opticians, mirroring the successful planting of the large bed completed in 2006.